The RELIQUARY IN BLACK Cover Shots That Didn’t Make The Cut.

Aren’t We Better Than This – blog

Like a lot of people these days - or a lot of people through time, I'd imagine - I find myself asking again and again - aren't we better than this? It seems like every day there is a new scandal, a new outrage, a new revelation of information the public didn't need to be… Continue reading Aren’t We Better Than This – blog

Reliquary In Black – a novel

I am thrilled to introduce my newest book - RELIQUARY IN BLACK. The new book is available on Kindle and as a paperback via Amazon. The book is a story about faith and finding one's place in a universe they don't understand. Unwanted in Heaven, seen as a freak in Hell, and nothing but an… Continue reading Reliquary In Black – a novel

Bullies Win – blog

           I have always been bullied in my life. It wasn’t always like that, once upon a time I had a lot of friends, back when kids seemed too young (or naïve) to get caught up in the ‘who’s cool/who’s not cool’ nonsense. When I got into high school though I started to get bullied.… Continue reading Bullies Win – blog


           Can I just say that this is the dumbest name for this movie? I feel like somewhere along the line it had a better name but, to dumb it down for world/American audiences it was changed to just…tell you what it’s about. Yes, this is about a hole that is SUPER DEEP but geez,… Continue reading THE SUPERDEEP – review

Precipice – blog

            It’s strange when you stop to think about how tenuous so many of our friendships have become. We are connected, those people we know by memory, and those we just know by face, through our social networks and little else. We are connected through the spiderwebs of the digital world, sharing our photos, our… Continue reading Precipice – blog

Re-Built, This City- blog

            I mentioned it a bit ago on one of my podcasts how the city I live in and love, Flint, has some money coming its way. Some of that money is from the water crisis – though most of that SHOULD go to the people, but we’ll see – and then there’s money that… Continue reading Re-Built, This City- blog

DWELLERS – found footage review    

Found Footage Review            If you have read any of my recent reviews of found footage films, you’ll see that I do my level best to be as fair as possible to these films Despite what some critics and film wonks may have you believe, every movie that comes out or came out in the… Continue reading DWELLERS – found footage review    

What Do You Know? – blog

Are you like me and really, really feel like parents that make a scene about what their kids are learning should have to pass some sort of competency test before the matter moves forward? Am I crazy? Naw. I doubt it. Now, I am sure that through the ages there have been parents who have… Continue reading What Do You Know? – blog

Two Years Later – blog

Today is a special and strange day for my family. It was two years ago that our daughter began her journey to us, and we began the final leg of our IVF journey. I remember the day still, and how scared and excited we were. It was a miserably hard process for my wife –… Continue reading Two Years Later – blog