My Interview with Wolfman Mac

An Interview With Wolfman Mac of Wolfman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema Imagine a day when movies were not at your fingertips. A time when you couldn't easily rent something, or find it on cable. Remember a time when you had to find the movies that would help to form the person you were to become. I… Continue reading My Interview with Wolfman Mac

The Con Game (OR How Not to Fix Comic and Culture Conventions by Bitching)

Now, far be it from me to have an opinion on something like, oh, doing conventions, but I have done a few now - close to ten, I forget how many, to be honest, but closer to ten and since 1994, with some years of not doing them in between - but, well, I have… Continue reading The Con Game (OR How Not to Fix Comic and Culture Conventions by Bitching)

Absence – a story

I had the distinct honor of working with a local photographer named Brian Morrissey for an arts event called VOICES. I was to write a story based on a picture he had taken. Brian gave me several images to pick from and I had the crazy notion that I could make something using all of… Continue reading Absence – a story

Open Psyche

Can I tell you how hard it is for me to do open mic events? Seriously. What makes it funny though is that I read a story at the World Horror Con in NYC in front of strangers, peers, and famous writer-folk and managed not to faint but I STILL get all discombobulated when I… Continue reading Open Psyche

The Secrets of Agents, Man…

Take the title as a bit of a lie, because it is. Brother, if I had some rune stone that told the secrets of agents, well, this would be a much more popular blog and I wouldn't be wearing various cheeses as hats. For real. No, what prompts this blog is the utter ridiculousness of… Continue reading The Secrets of Agents, Man…

Riding the Hobby Writer Horse

For some reason lately I have felt sorta lonely, as a writer, and have wanted to feel more connected to that community. Specifically the horror writing community, seeing as I like to write creepy stories and all. Now, I won't necessarily say I am a 'horror' writer but being that it sounds sorta silly to… Continue reading Riding the Hobby Writer Horse