Make No Mistake

Make no mistake, the table has never been set for all Americans.This should not be a new and sudden revelation as you look at the way Native Americans were initially treated and continue to be treated and how minorities and ‘certain’ people are treated in this nation.We have never been perfect, which is fine, but… Continue reading Make No Mistake

What Did We Learn

So, what did we learn As 2020 began many of us turned to the 1920’s for inspiration for costumes and motifs to bring in a new year. Hey, new year, new  you! We made our resolutions. We made our plans. We danced. We sang. We looked to a future that looked like it could still… Continue reading What Did We Learn

Alternate ROAD KILL beginning

I have said before that ROAD KILL started out as a long form story when I was a kid and have talked about my obsession with re-writing it after it was lost. Flash ahead a couple decades and I finally get back to writing it again and I started and stopped several times as I… Continue reading Alternate ROAD KILL beginning

Outbreak – short film review

Outbreak – short film review             One of the things that people have heard over and over again during the Covid-19 pandemic is that people should take this time to be productive and to learn, or grow, or tend, or create. OBVIOUSLY these people have never quarantined before because that all sounds great on paper… Continue reading Outbreak – short film review

A Love Of Popcorn

As a child of the ‘80’s I think it’s easy to say that I am a child of the movies. From an early age I was watching them and grew up in an era when Disney had Sunday night movies on ABC, when a regional ABC affiliate showed Abbott and Costello films every Sunday morning,… Continue reading A Love Of Popcorn

With Torches Burning

As we all do our best to survive the global pandemic with our sanity and lives intact there is something horrifying and nefarious that is creeping into our daily lives and that’s the armed protestors that are appearing more and more frequently at our state’s capitols. There is reason for fear, for worry, and for… Continue reading With Torches Burning