What To Do With It When I’m Dead

    It is hard not to wonder about the inevitable day when all that you are, all that you know, and all that you have comes to an end and all that is left is the great void. Death, whatever it is, is bound to happen to each of us and facing down that mortality… Continue reading What To Do With It When I’m Dead

Hey, You With the Face!

    You know how this works, I post stuff, some jibber, some jabber, some pics and the rest, and you come here and check it out. Well, I will assume you come here and check it out otherwise it’s weird that you are reading this, and are ‘here’ and you know, that’s just odd. I… Continue reading Hey, You With the Face!

The Entity – review

So I have been watching movies for a while now, as you may have guessed, but sometimes there will still come a movie that just flips my lid and blows my wig back. Sometimes there is a movie so ridiculous that I cannot help but stand up and applaud. My friends, The Entity is just… Continue reading The Entity – review

Your Dust – edit

So this is the edit of the story I posted the other day. This is very similar to draft one but there are some things added, some changes of ‘her’ to ‘you’ as the story teller is speaking to his wife. I tried to spook it up a bit more, and overall creep it up.… Continue reading Your Dust – edit

The Meep Sheep update

    Today is a pretty big day on the calendar of the book kids, as today was the day that the book was submitted for review. Manda finished the last work on the book layout last night and we submitted it all just before midnight. Now, with This Beautiful Darkness we had the worst time… Continue reading The Meep Sheep update

Blood Car – review

Dang, you would think I am out searching high and low for these dark comedies of late but, really I am not. Not intentionally. I guess it’s luck, maybe. In this case it was a film that a friend brought over for a movie night and it was a movie that turned out to be… Continue reading Blood Car – review

World’s Greatest Dad – review

Oh how I do love a good black comedy and, if you appreciate them as well you know that the blacker the better. There is something about comedy that takes it so close to pathos, to horror (and vice versa) that those are the places where some of the best humor lies. It isn’t that… Continue reading World’s Greatest Dad – review

Your Dust – a story

   I had mentioned recently the notion of drafts and how a story forms and is changed through writing drafts so, in that spirit, I offer you the first draft of a new story. This was a story that came to me, as most do, with a fleeting notion of someone not being able to… Continue reading Your Dust – a story

It’s All In the Draft…

Of late I have been having a pretty fun time listening to the demo recordings of a band I dig on which has broken up. After they broke up they decided to release a lot of demo tracks and unreleased songs for free online and it’s been fascinating to see where songs I know and… Continue reading It’s All In the Draft…


I dunno that there is an art that gets as much demand for and threat of adaptation as writing does. I think that says more about the limitations of people’s imagination than anything else. I mean, you can look at an amazing painting and it tells a story, but the thing is that there isn’t… Continue reading Madaptation

The Old Man – a story

This is an older story, sort of a Lovecraft homage. More of a mood piece than anything else. If ya dig it, there's more goods like this in This Beautiful Darkness. The Old Man To those that saw the old man walk his usual route for what must have seemed like their entire lives, he… Continue reading The Old Man – a story

It Has Begun, This Book Layout…

    So as of Sunday The Meep Sheep is being laid out, thanks to my girlfriend. She is a wiz with In Design so she is handling the layout of this book as she did the last one and so far so good. I drive her nutty about stuff (really, I drive everyone nuts so… Continue reading It Has Begun, This Book Layout…

REC 2 – review

Over the last couple of years there has been one horror film that really got to me and made a deep impact and that was the Spanish horror film Rec. Rec is a film done in a similar style as Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity in that it takes footage shot from the first… Continue reading REC 2 – review