Everyone is from somewhere. Everyone comes from a place that they don’t choose and it’s that place that is their hometown. Some of us move from place to place and hometown doesn’t mean as much, it becomes more centralized to the family itself, they are your hometown. It isn’t until you are a little older and can choose where you go and where you will invest your time, energy, and heart where you find more of a meaning of Home. Yes, home is where the ones you love are, but that is a purely emotional connection and is not a choice of the mind but of the heart.

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GLORY – An Easter Story



The sky flashed for a moment and the children looked around for the source of the sound but in another moment, it seemed to be revealed – a pastel pink balloon a little girl was holding had exploded. The little girl whose balloon it had been looked around at the dozens of children, their eyes all on her as she stood in her best dress, and for a moment there was only stillness and then came the tears, and the sobs, and down fell her basket with the plastic eggs and off ran the girl towards her parents, who had been sitting at a picnic table talking. They looked up and saw her in time to open their arms to her and embrace her. The children looked around and then the game was afoot again and they were off chasing hidden eggs.

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