The Know It All

Anyone that knows me and anyone that has read any single blog I have ever written knows that I fancy myself a bit of a know it all. It’s not something I wear as sash but more as a crown of frowns. A self-woven burden I have a hard time overcoming. You see, I love… Continue reading The Know It All


His hands still burn. His hands still itch. His mouth still runs dry. Doctor says its nerves. Shrink says its nerves. So he gives them each a check, fills his ‘script, and takes two pills as directed. He sits in the darkness and listens to the silence of the small apartment, clenching and unclenching his… Continue reading THE VICTIM

The Disconnect

For a city like Flint, Michigan, a city with a modern history that stands closer to gloom than glory, we need people. Except, we don’t just need people because you can find people anywhere. We need people who want to fall in love with the city, its history, its amenities, its triumphs, and who more… Continue reading The Disconnect