And So Ends The Sale…

Thanks to all of you that checked my art and books out. Even if you haven't ever bought anything from me I appreciate your interest in my work and what I am doing. More reviews and weirdness to continue this week. Oh, and there are definitely stuffs in the works for next year so stay… Continue reading And So Ends The Sale…

Ohhh, A Black Friday Sale, Oh My!

Ok, in honor of Thanksgiving and because I think you guys are pretty boss I am doing a Thanksgiving Black Friday sale. SO... If you go to the Create Space stores for The Meep Sheep or This Beautiful Darkness Do that and you get $3 off each book. OR you can order the book package… Continue reading Ohhh, A Black Friday Sale, Oh My!

Fairy Tales and Growing Up

    We adults are a funny lot, ya know? As kids all we want is to grow up to be able to do whatever the heck it is that we want to do, dreaming of that distant day when we can be our own bosses yet, as soon as we are grown up, we act… Continue reading Fairy Tales and Growing Up

Ticked Off Trannies With Knives – review

Ticked Off Trannies With Knives If you have read any of my recent reviews, or have seen any genre films lately (why comedies are not trying this I cannot say) then you know there has been a terribly nostalgic run of films coming out. I think it is the Grindhouse effect, the desire to embrace… Continue reading Ticked Off Trannies With Knives – review

Catfish – review

Catfish There is one thing with film that other mediums don't quite have and that is the intimacy of certain films, especially documentaries. Until the past few years we accepted that a documentary was reality and while we may also accept that some of the moments in the film may be accentuated through editing or… Continue reading Catfish – review

Malevolence – review

Ah, the slasher sub-genre, the tried and true favorite of filmmakers young and old. The slasher film is the old war-horse of horror and is a staple that never goes out of style. The films get gorier, get more ridiculous, then dial back to the forebears and play more on creeps than blood but essentially… Continue reading Malevolence – review

Chronicles Of An Exorcism – review

Over the years of watching bad movies you start to get a little gunshy on checking new ones out. Shucks, and can you blame me or anyone else because of that? Hecks no. If it isn't seeing bad mainstream movies it's seeing bad indie ones and sometimes the worst are the ones that the world… Continue reading Chronicles Of An Exorcism – review

'Cause The Things Ya Love, Ya Just Gotta Share

So I wanted to share two very cool Michigan things that just make me smile. Two musical acts that are literally one man bands and which show the magic you can truly make when you work alone. Thumbpedal - Walkatalk - my friend Jack hipped me to this record as his nephew knows the man… Continue reading 'Cause The Things Ya Love, Ya Just Gotta Share

Always a Great Time for Books and Art!

Well, the holidays are rolling in like a jolly fog kids so that means it's time to go out and slog through the crush of humanity for presents. Ah, well, what a great idea I have for you! Why not treat yourself or the ones you love to the gift of a book or of… Continue reading Always a Great Time for Books and Art!

Confederate States of America – review

This is a quick little review because I don't necessarily have a lot to say about the film. This is a satirical faux-documentary (mockumentary, if you prefer) that details the history of an America where the South won the Civil War. Framed like a Ken Burns documentary we pick the story up during the Civil… Continue reading Confederate States of America – review

House of Fears – review

House of Fears - review   Man, I love it when you randomly watch movies and they surprise you by being good. This isn't to that they are great films necessarily but that they are fun, decent movies that you don't regret watching in the least. Such is the case with House of Fears, a… Continue reading House of Fears – review