Chugging Along…

I have been quiet of late because I have been push, push, pushing to get the new book’s editing done and…it’s done. Finally. Phew! The way I tend to write is to just put the stuff down and get the story done, then go back to it to edit it in a few days so… Continue reading Chugging Along…

Case 39 – review

If you are lucky, very, very lucky, you will not have this film ruined for you. I was lucky enough to go into the film pretty ignorant of what was to come and wow, what a fun surprise. I will say this – if you thought you knew what sort of films Renee Zellweger was… Continue reading Case 39 – review

New Interview Online!

My interview with Horror Addicts in anticipation of the upcoming podcast is up. Pretty great interview on the part of the interviewer - never had someone do some genuine research about me before. Check it out - The podcast goes up on 2.11 @

Pontypool – movie review

The sad fact of this film is that, as much as I will refrain from giving away any big plot details, I fear that you will learn far too much from any other sources you are going to seek out. Well, such as it is, I am sorry, as this is a film better left… Continue reading Pontypool – movie review