Save the Books!

With the recent news that the Borders book chain is going to soon be closing it gets one to thinking about the future of books and bookstores. It really is a scary, strange time for books, for authors, and for the fans of the physical reading medium. The thing right now is that e-books and… Continue reading Save the Books!

Exit 33 – review

   When you are younger it almost becomes second nature to envy and covet what other people have – success, love, perceived happiness, wealth, extravagance, friends, whatever – because you have not seen enough of the world or lived enough of life to know better. If you’re lucky, and wise, you generally get past that… Continue reading Exit 33 – review

Solomon Kane – review

So, tell my why it is that we get so many ridiculous films released in the United States yet when there’s a funky or interesting film made overseas we tend to ignore it or remake it? Such is the case with the film adaptation of the classic adventure novels by Robert E. Howard, Solomon Kane.… Continue reading Solomon Kane – review

Bigger Than the Work

Summer reading season is an interesting time. I suppose it's because people take vacations around this time so I guess it's natural that books get more publicity around the warmer months, though that's pretty sad because you can always find a little time to read, I mean, really. Come on now. Anyway, it's interesting right… Continue reading Bigger Than the Work

Bloodlust Zombies – review

   In the world of horror movies if you want to sell your movie and get some publicity then the two things you can do is invariably to make a zombie movie and then throw in an adult film actor as the star. Such is the case with Bloodlust Zombies, a movie high on EXCITED… Continue reading Bloodlust Zombies – review

Strangers Online – review

With the saturation of social networking people are able to update everything they are doing, everything they are, revealing even the most intimate details of their lives, at a moment’s notice. Add to this the fact that most computers and phones have photo and video capabilities so the boundaries we had lived with for so… Continue reading Strangers Online – review

Peering Into Darkness

As a writer and fan of the macabre I can appreciate and fully understand the pull of the abyss. As  humans we are all drawn toward the darkness of the human spirit, the human heart, and the awful things we are capable of doing. That is one of the things that sets us apart from… Continue reading Peering Into Darkness