Raising A Glass To 625 pt. 2 – Where I Come From…

It's interesting how something can rile up so many feelings in yourself and others. I had posted elsewhere a status that I had tired of holding my tongue on the state of Flint's 'art scene'. It ended up getting a bit of response, some pro my thought and some con, but it made me realize… Continue reading Raising A Glass To 625 pt. 2 – Where I Come From…

Raising A Glass To The 625

   When I learned that the place I used to live for many years and where I had put art shows together with friends for those years was finally putting an end to the art show aspect of the building I wanted to write a memorial of sorts.  Something to mark the occasion and what… Continue reading Raising A Glass To The 625

It's That Time Again…Time For A Good Scare

Ohhh, you can feel it in the wind. Can hear it in the rustle of the leaves. You can even smell it in the air. Halloween is creeping its way nearer and nearer and it's a perfect time for stories that will chill your bones. Well, you've come to the right place . Do I… Continue reading It's That Time Again…Time For A Good Scare

Showing Restraint

Sometimes too much is just too much.  There’s a line, an invisible thing that serves as our marker that states Here There Be Monsters.  And through our lives we’ll dance close to the edge on some things, and on others we’ll pull far, far away, and sometimes, sometimes we stride over it to stretch ourselves,… Continue reading Showing Restraint