My Monster – a story

My Monster Last minute story I conjured up today. I suppose it’s in honor of the ending of another year. No one would take you. No one. So I did. I took you. I took you and brought you home. What else could I do. You were my monster. And I loved you. I loved… Continue reading My Monster – a story

Christmas Story 2012 – NAUGHTY

Just whipped this up, because I am sorta crazy like that. Hope you like it. Fresh out of the oven so please forgive any errors. Naughty He had only been outside for fifteen minutes but the tears against his cheeks were already frozen. His teeth were chattering and his hands burned from the cold but… Continue reading Christmas Story 2012 – NAUGHTY

Trimming The Fat

   For me there’s few things as upsetting as editing my writing. Well, wait, that’s not true, I really like editing my work when I am doing the editing but when it comes to someone else, well…I think loathe is letting the act get off a little easy. There is just something so clinical and… Continue reading Trimming The Fat