Frown and you’re alone, smile, and the world smiles with you.

More pictures with me as the model. Hey, I like working with myself, what can I say? This didn't turn out like I had hoped, but the idea is there. I think the painting might work out better. Sometimes we have to smile though, whether we want to or not. "And where do you live… Continue reading Frown and you’re alone, smile, and the world smiles with you.

Wheels Keep Turning…

For the uninitiated, Flint is known as the Vehicle City. Not the Motor City, as that's Detroit, but the Vehicle City. This takes into consideration that 1. GM used to be a major force here and this was where many classic machines were made but 2. it really speaks to the fact that Flint is… Continue reading Wheels Keep Turning…

Avondale – pictures

Flint, like every other city, is home to more dead than living. So there are, along many roads, behind many gates, the remains of those that came before us, those that made this city what it was, laid the foundation for what it is, and whose whispers will tell the future what this place was.… Continue reading Avondale – pictures

Says She’s An Angel – story

Says She’s An Angel I saw her standing outside of a bar on a Thursday night sometime in the late days of winter. She was drunk, I was well on my way, and it seemed like we were both lonely and broken and waiting in the dark for something to fix us. It was raining… Continue reading Says She’s An Angel – story

Inspiration and Blockage

I can't help but feel blessed to be able to say that, of the great many issues and challenges I have faced as a writer, writer's block hasn't been one of them. Oh, sure, I have moments where I freeze up, where I don't know what I want to write but, for me, it's more… Continue reading Inspiration and Blockage

The Garden of Stone – My Trip To Tyrone Sunken Gardens

Near where I grew up and lived for some twenty seven years is a cemetery that is pretty much like a thousand other cemeteries around the United States. There are manicured lawns, headstones for the lost beloved, and the sense of absence or loss that always hangs about these places. If you find it though,… Continue reading The Garden of Stone – My Trip To Tyrone Sunken Gardens

The Six-Two-Five

So, here in Flint I live in a pretty funky building in the middle of downtown. The landlord/owner is an old school guy in town and owns one of the nation's oldest all ages punk venues. Cool guy, funky space. He let us do a few art shows in the empty first floor space, which… Continue reading The Six-Two-Five