Where We Come From

All of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, come from somewhere. Some of us hold where we come from in high regards, spouting off to whomever will listen about our grand background and lineage. Others of us will act as if we sprung from the darkness fully formed, tied to nothing and owing nothing… Continue reading Where We Come From


When I started writing the last thing I was worried about was selling myself. Or my stories. Or anything. I wanted to write. I wanted to tell stories. I’d think that most, not all but MOST, authors are driven by the same engine – the desire to tell a story. It’s only when you find… Continue reading Brand

Wanderer – a story

This is a wee tale. First draft. Very rough. Me working out some ideas and seeing what is there. There's the seed for another story planted here if I ever have time to swing back to it. We shall see.  He wasn’t sure when his choice had become his fate. He wasn’t sure when the… Continue reading Wanderer – a story