Another True Story

So we all have those stories that sorta make us US. The stories that we tell people to give them a feel for who you are and what you're about. Some of us have a LOT of those stories and some of us have a few. The thing is that they are YOUR stories. They… Continue reading Another True Story


If there is one thing that has become desperately American of late it is a deep sense of pride. Pride in our nation, in our accompliishments, and in our very act of existence. We are brag about our history. We boast about our ingenuity. We rave about our culture. We rant about the rest of… Continue reading PRIDE

The Truth

So this here is a true story, with, obviously, the name of the person I am going to refer to removed. I don’t write this thinking it will change someone, or change how they see the world, or change their mind on what they believe. I write these blogs, as I have said, as my… Continue reading The Truth