The Temperature At Which Books Burn

These are some more photos I took as I was disposing of my blood spattered books.  

Numero Two is up!

Hey there, Ghoul Cast #2 is up. We had a really fun time recording number two. This time the three of us talk about our experiences writing and being indie authors. It's an hour well spent and darn it, you may even learn something to. Or not. At least it's fun!


Hey, I am part of a podcast! Huzzah! PODCAST! I have wanted to try my hand at the casting of pods for some time now but wasn't sure how or what or any of that stuff. A friend and I made a dry run at it once but we never posted it, and this was… Continue reading Podcastin'!

Visitor – a story

Visitor This is my Christmas story. You can take it as real, or fake, or a mix of both. Most stories are that way. True and false. Because the truth is sometimes scarier. And a lie offers more warmth than the cold, hard truth. I was ten when it happened. It was Christmas Eve and… Continue reading Visitor – a story