Still Born – a poem

I don't tend to write poetry because I don't write it well but this sprang forth and here it is. Like everything else, I was stillborn.  Life fading like the last light of the day.  Eyes closing.  Mouth opening.  Fist unfurling as a flag with no fight.  I would enter darkness as a small bang. … Continue reading Still Born – a poem

Marilyn and the Scary Movie

In honor of my mom's birthday I wrote this for her. Marilyn and the Scary Movie   “Oh, for cryin’ in the sink!” Marily declared as she took her hand away from her head and then watched as each of the five curlers she’d just put in her hair came free and fell from her head.… Continue reading Marilyn and the Scary Movie

Everyone Loves the Fair

As we inch towards March 13th the release of the new book is fast approaching. I am getting excited to see this book as more than a bunch of digital files. This is the not a ton of fun part where I battle with the online system to get this thing published. It's going to… Continue reading Everyone Loves the Fair

A Date With the Fair

Last spring I got a temp gig that I was hoping would lead to a full time job. I was desperate and needed something. In the middle of that temp job though I got invited to return to a former employer and did just that. I worked a couple more events for the temp job… Continue reading A Date With the Fair


Today is one of those foggy days. I hate foggy days. My brain feels slower. My reaction time feels slower. I feel like I have to overcompensate for everything. The machine is still running but it’s sluggish and takes longer to warm up. I hate it. I have these foggy days more than I have… Continue reading Foggy

A Show For Ghouls

With the group I work with here in Flint, the Flint Horror Collective, we create events through the year to bring a little weirdness and horror to the area. We have been doing our thing since 2011 and it's always fun to think of new events that we can do. For the past few years… Continue reading A Show For Ghouls


In early 2019 I was able to finish a long gestating story I had started years and years ago called ROAD KILL. It was the story of two kids up to go no good, to put it in the mildest of senses. It was a story/book I had begun as a kid but had lost.… Continue reading Forward