My Halloween Rules

  I love Halloween. LOVE IT! I love a lot of holidays, and am a weirdo for Christmas but of all of them Halloween is my favorite day of the  year. There is something so special about it that links me to my childhood and the fun of that time. Saying all of that I… Continue reading My Halloween Rules

A Question Of Questions

   Halloween is a time that brings out the wicked in people it seems. For the most part it’s just for fun. It’s a laugh to be a little naughty. For others though Halloween and Devil’s Night becomes a cover for darker desires. Cowards take to the streets on Devil’s Night to burn, burn, burn… Continue reading A Question Of Questions

CEMETERY EARTH – a novel by Chris Ringler

The Age of Man is coming to an end. After a long and steady decline into shadows the world has fallen into darkness and the last days of Mankind have come. It is the Dead Age. The Dead have returned to reclaim the world. Driven by an unseen master the dead rise from their graves… Continue reading CEMETERY EARTH – a novel by Chris Ringler