The Blind Dead Collection – review

The Blind Dead Collection – movie review/s             For us horror nerds there’s something wonderful about the undiscovered country of foreign and underground horror.  It’s the fact that this stuff isn’t in the mainstream that makes it so cool and desirable.  Even the bad stuff is lauded because it is different and unknown.  Such is… Continue reading The Blind Dead Collection – review

Paranormal Activity – Chronology – REVIEW

So here's the deal, I am a huge Paranormal Activity fan. I appreciate that the series has become the bane of existence for the hardcore horror fans and that for many it's further evidence of the infection of sequels that plagues Hollywood but, well, I don't care. The movies are fun, are scary, and have something… Continue reading Paranormal Activity – Chronology – REVIEW

Looking for Agents and Publishers In All the Wrong Places

I, like about a ma-JILLION writers out there, am looking to generate some interest in a book. The book in question is my novel A Shadow Over Ever. I love the heck out of this book, and I am not saying that just because I began working on it eighteen years ago. Ok, that's a… Continue reading Looking for Agents and Publishers In All the Wrong Places

The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The follow-up to my fairy tale The Meep Sheep, this is a book that continues in that tradition with stories of the World of Man, the Meep Sheep, the panda kingdom, and more. The Kreep Sheep is full of stories of the past and the future and fills in some of the gaps of history… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The Meep Sheep–a fairy tale–Now on Kindle for $1

If your tastes lean less toward the dark horror than I have something you might be interested in. The Meep Sheep is my ode to the classic fairy tales of the past. I am really proud of the two Meep books and hope you like them as much as I do. An excerpt from The… Continue reading The Meep Sheep–a fairy tale–Now on Kindle for $1

Down Dusty Aisles…

Now, this is going to sound very old-guy of me but sometimes I really feel bad for kids growing up today. Just, I suppose, as people from my parents' generation felt bad for my generation. I think it's just a cycle that continues on and on and on. Why do I feel bad for the… Continue reading Down Dusty Aisles…

This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

I am very happy to announce another book available for AMAZON’S KINDLE that is only a dollar to buy. Here is an excerpt from one of the stories in This Beautiful Darkness - The Place Things Go To Die   For as long as this place has existed, they have come here to bury the… Continue reading This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

RED DREAMS–Now Available for $1 On Kindle!

Check out my dark story collection Red Dreams now as an e-book for your Amazon Kindle for only a dollar. Try a sample... From Distant Temples “Get, get away from her damn you.” Darin screamed. Darin's strength came out in its fullest as he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back and away from her… Continue reading RED DREAMS–Now Available for $1 On Kindle!

Noches De Corazones Negros–book sample

This is a sample from my newest book Noches De Corazones Negros Little Mean Things It was a mistake. A monster. A thing that was not one of nature’s special creatures. It had no right to exist in a world of warm sunshine and cold science, of technology and dead gods but which existed despite… Continue reading Noches De Corazones Negros–book sample