The Next Big Thing

I'm not sure how long ago it was but it's been at least three years now since I had the swell idea of hey, my friend Paul and I should start a publishing imprint. Like everything else I fool with, it starts with a wild idea with little thought beyond. My friend Paul and I… Continue reading The Next Big Thing


            Horror has become a great place to examine and discuss a variety of topics such as mental health. Sure, you get a lot of dramas that talk about people’s declining mental health or issues with mental health, but you never quite get the same sort of desperate and scary look as you do with… Continue reading DANIEL ISN’T REAL – review

A Spooky Reading

Herein I am reading a summer '20 story I wrote for a Flint Horror Collective online storytelling event. The story is called TOUCH. If you dig it, check out my little online bookstore and pick something up.

MANIAC – review

            Can I just say right now that watching a movie this gnarly and sleazy in 4K is SO WEIRD! I am not really reviewing this as a sort of home release thing, but the film has never looked better. It’s still grimy, there’s tons of film grain, but it’s bright, it’s clear, and man… Continue reading MANIAC – review

He Knows You’re Alone – review

            As a horror fan and past that a slasher film fan there’s nothing worse than a boring slasher. For me, I want them to be fun (or dark), a bit of a whodunnit with a mystery about WHO is killing or WHY they are doing it, and I wanna have a big and fun… Continue reading He Knows You’re Alone – review

Burn Your Idols

         There’s something about humans that makes us need to have people to look up to and strive towards. It makes sense. From when we’re young through our entire lives we are looking for people that can show us the way. Looking for behaviors to pattern and actions to emulate. Life is confusing and trying… Continue reading Burn Your Idols