The Divide

The Divide We are in a scary era in America. It is scary because politically, socially, economically things look as if we're heading for a brick wall at break neck speed. The divide between the races, the sexes, the religions, and the haves and have nots seems to be growing by the day. Millions of… Continue reading The Divide

To Those Who Mattered And We Who Don't

If we take a moment to examine our lives we start to see, beneath the life changing events, beneath the small moments, and beneath the trials and celebrations are the people that tie it all together and helped weave our tale. As poor as my memory is I remember well the many people who helped… Continue reading To Those Who Mattered And We Who Don't

Eventful Cacophony

Eventful Cacophony There’s something intoxicating about putting events together. It takes you outside of your comfort zone, it forces you to think in a scale larger than you are generally used to, and it lets you work on something greater than yourself – even if it’s about yourself. From a small show for your books,… Continue reading Eventful Cacophony


As we get older we realize that the journey ahead is never a straight path. It is a zig-zag that takes you forwards, backwards, sideways and through terribly deep brush. The journey ahead is one that has lots of forks and unseen trails and most of the time we’ll find that the most valuable detours… Continue reading Introducing DANNY FRANKENSTEIN…