Raising the BATTLE FLAG

After the results of the election and the punishment of a drawn out and brutal election season I found myself looking at a future I didn’t believe in. Whatever happened would happen, but I needed to find my place in that future. When I learned that one of the plans for the incoming Presidential administration… Continue reading Raising the BATTLE FLAG

Carnivore – a story

I haven't posted a story on here in an age which, if you read this, you may have preferred to what I have to offer. This story stemmed from my desire to work on a new mythology, one not steeped in the old gods and the old ways but one in which we create our… Continue reading Carnivore – a story

A Game Of Expectations

There are days, like today, where I am glad I am out of the convention game. For the five years that we did shows locally I loved them. I loved ALMOST the entire process. Almost. But I loved it. Now that it’s over I miss it, for sure, but I can live with missing it… Continue reading A Game Of Expectations