It Comes Down To This

Today is essentially the last 'free' day before things get crazy for me. Friday and Saturday, the 28th and 29th of October 2011, are the two culminating days of a journey that began over ten years ago with a dream and which began in earnest in February. Good or bad, awesome or horrible, in three… Continue reading It Comes Down To This

Just A Little Old Thing

So after grinding my teeth after first hearing that some mad fool was going to remake one my all time favorite movies THE THING I was pushed by sheer curiosity to go see the film. What had first been said to be a remake was in fact a prequel to the seminal Carpenter film, something… Continue reading Just A Little Old Thing

The Coffin – review

   Something American films have never gotten right when it comes to modern ghost stories is the sense of dread that the rest of the world, especially in Asia, have nailed even in the worst of their films. There is something that perhaps we have lost in American culture, the reverence and fear of the… Continue reading The Coffin – review