Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

Another Halloween story. I read this one last night at the Skelebration to end the night. Utterly ridiculous but fun to write, and again, if ya dig it, buy a book! Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis My name is Gary, or George, or maybe it's Gerry, it's something like that. Whatever. You know, it's… Continue reading Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

Lesser Demons – a story

So, this year I have written five stories for Halloween and, as such, I will be posting all of them over the next couple days. Two will appear only for the day. One on this blog, one on my Tumblr. Then POOF they are gone. Hope you like them, and if you do, check to… Continue reading Lesser Demons – a story

Home Movie – review

Home Movie – review   It isn’t a modern notion certainly, but there is something about modern technology which makes home movies seems all the more prevalent than they were in the past. Sure, sure, people made them before but now it’s so much easier to document the life and minutia of the modern family… Continue reading Home Movie – review

The Skelebration of Scares

Oh, there’s a chill in the air kids, can you feel it? Can you hear the howls of things long dead as they waken for their feasts? Can you sense the shadows as they move in the darkness. Are you ready for a Skelebration? The Halloween season means a lot of things to a lot… Continue reading The Skelebration of Scares

All About Tone

If there is one thing that has been driving me batty of late it's tone, and how many people don't understand how to use it. As I write this I am watching a ridiculous film called Satan's Little Helper which is utterly atrocious but what gets me is that this is supposed to be a… Continue reading All About Tone

New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The year is winding down and as it does, so do the events I am in. This past weekend I did the second Books and Authors event put on by Leon & Lulu's down in Clawson, Michigan. Leon & Lulu's is a fun and funky furniture and knick knack store set up in an old… Continue reading New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

To Drive-Ins…

Quick fact - the first horror film I ever saw was Friday the 13th at the drive-in. We're talking 1980 kids, so this is way back when I was six. Now, when I say I 'saw' it I mean that I heard it and saw the end and was freaked the heck out. The second… Continue reading To Drive-Ins…

This Weekend…

This Sunday I will be selling The Meep Sheep at Leon & Lulu's Books and Authors event. Super fun event and it's for a good cause, so if you are in the Detroit area you should totally come.   Sunday, October 10th 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Benefit for Beyond Basics Sponsored by ICU Eyewear… Continue reading This Weekend…

Service Street Fair 2010

A couple weeks back I was able to take part in this year's Service Street Fair down in Detroit. This is a small fair that takes place just as Fall is beginning down a side street near Detroit's Farmer's Market. The street is home to a lot of artists and indie scene folks and both… Continue reading Service Street Fair 2010

The Skelebration of Scares

Welcome one, and welcome all, to The Skelebration of Scares, a multi-ring circus of terror. The wind has grown chill, friends, and the time has come again for the ghouls to leave the darkness of their tombs and to roam the land once more. We invite you, neighbor, to join us in the relatively creature… Continue reading The Skelebration of Scares

A Serbian Film – review

A Serbian Film – review Friends, there are some things you see that you can’t un-see. Movies you seek out which you can’t really explain why but which you need to see. For us horror fans there are a lot of movies like that. Horror movies lay on the borderlands of the film genre, ranging… Continue reading A Serbian Film – review

Hatchet II – review

    It’s strange, this fascination we have right now with horror of the eighties. See, I lived through that era and have seen a lot of the movies and, for some reason, we really cling to the eighties slasher as an icon. On one hand I can appreciate it because that’s the era that gave… Continue reading Hatchet II – review