Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

Another Halloween story. I read this one last night at the Skelebration to end the night. Utterly ridiculous but fun to write, and again, if ya dig it, buy a book! Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis My name is Gary, or George, or maybe it's Gerry, it's something like that. Whatever. You know, it's… Continue reading Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The year is winding down and as it does, so do the events I am in. This past weekend I did the second Books and Authors event put on by Leon & Lulu's down in Clawson, Michigan. Leon & Lulu's is a fun and funky furniture and knick knack store set up in an old… Continue reading New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The Skelebration of Scares

Welcome one, and welcome all, to The Skelebration of Scares, a multi-ring circus of terror. The wind has grown chill, friends, and the time has come again for the ghouls to leave the darkness of their tombs and to roam the land once more. We invite you, neighbor, to join us in the relatively creature… Continue reading The Skelebration of Scares