i dream

i dream in darkness,  like the light, i dream of nothing, and pray for sight. i see the future and crave the past. i dream this dream will be my last.

The Age of Freaks

Ahh, the good old days. Once upon a time some friends and I had the grand idea to make a totally no budget movie with stuff we could find, make, or get inexpensively. It would be a grand sci fi epic full of cheese and lasers. I wrote a treatment for the first part of… Continue reading The Age of Freaks


Life is full of challenge. That's what makes it interesting, to be sure. As a writer though, the challenges are different. It's about finding publishers or keeping them. It's finding sales, and keeping them. It's finding an audience and keeping it. The list can go on and on but, as a writer, sometimes the biggest… Continue reading Challenge

E-Book Cummings

I think that most writers these days have their minds turning from time to time to the subject of e-books. It is hard to deny that, knock-knock-knock, the future of the written word is here. Sure, it will take time for things to change over, and the book and printed word won't 'die' for a… Continue reading E-Book Cummings

As It Stands – a story

inspired by The Haunting of Hill House. AS IT STANDS It had her. It had her. It Had Her. It was a simple truth but one which stood just as the house had, tall and straight and unwavering, and unwilling to bend. The house was a hard, cold, bitter truth, and it stood proud amidst… Continue reading As It Stands – a story