The End, The Beginning, And The Rest

I have already said my thanks for the amazing 2010 I had and the success I saw as a writer and artist but wanted to thank you all one more time just the same. Thank you for your continued interest and curiosity in my work. Without you I would still be toiling in vain. There’s… Continue reading The End, The Beginning, And The Rest

The Insides of Red Dreams

Here’s a taste of what to expect in Red Dreams when it hits on January first. The book will be $10 and will be awesome personified. Index~ A Taste for Angels Guerilla Art Invocation The Fear of Clowns Marvin the Mold We Bury Our Own My Anthem is Your Name Little Sister It’s the End… Continue reading The Insides of Red Dreams

For Meeping on the Go…

I love books. I will always love books. I mean, I am a writer for goodness sake so it's clear I am gonna dig me some books. The thing is though that the book is now becoming the 'book'. We are still getting stories told by amazing storytellers but the way the stories are being… Continue reading For Meeping on the Go…

Edgelands – a story

Every holiday for a great many years I write a story to acknowledge the holiday and the end of the year. This is my 2010 holiday story and odds are the last story I will write for what has been a very eventful year. Hope you like it. Happy Holidays, C Edgelands I can feel… Continue reading Edgelands – a story

What Wasn’t Used…

When you start out with any sort of project you have a million ideas, a thousand plans, a hundred notions, and about a half dozen things that come through and Red Dreams follows that track completely. As usual I went through a few ideas on the name but this time around Red Dreams really stuck… Continue reading What Wasn’t Used…

Red Dreams

OK, here we go. The new book is called Red Dreams and is a collection of dark stories similar to 2009's This Beautiful Darkness. Generally newer work with a couple older pieces dusted off and thrown in there. Most of the works are freshened up. The book is 214 pages long and is a paperback… Continue reading Red Dreams

And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS

So here it is, the new book and the new cover. I edited it and layed it out myself first and then did the cover and...was told by wiser people that it needed some work. With the help of Amanda Emery and Marcus Bieth I was able to really nail this thing and really like… Continue reading And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS

Psst…It's Almost Here…

Ok, so here's my update on all things book. As it stands I am done editing Book Four and am happy to be done with it. I love editing, especially older works, because it gives me a chance to look back at stories I haven't seen in a while and can fix any flubs and… Continue reading Psst…It's Almost Here…

For Those Who Survive

For those that survive, the darkness has yet to pass. The darkness, that great black curtain that falls any time we lose someone we love, is a living thing that morphs and evolves day by day as you remember things once forgotten and regret things never done or said. The darkness that haunts us for… Continue reading For Those Who Survive

A Debt–OR–My Annual Holiday Note

Every year I write a letter to my friends and acquaintances to show my appreciate for their being around. Since you’re here, and are reading, you must care to some passing degree as well, so I offer this note to you also, whomever you are. I owe you a debt. I owe it and it’s… Continue reading A Debt–OR–My Annual Holiday Note

American Fetish – review

Ya know, far be it for me, or any of us suckers lucky enough to get movies in the mail to review, to ever say that reviewing movies is a chore but, darn, sometimes it really is. Most of the time even the bad movies are watchably bad, and are at least amusing but once… Continue reading American Fetish – review