Reign It In

There's a lesson you need to learn, and learn quickly, as you go out and start doing art shows, book shows, conventions, or get involved in putting together events - the need to reign it in. What you find, in all of those scenarios, is that you are entering a world that while new to… Continue reading Reign It In

Somewhere In The Middle

The funny thing about Truth, as I have mentioned in the past, is that it’s always changing, always evolving and is many times more about the feeling and not the fact.  And that’s fine.  We are emotional beings and who we are is always changing and as that changes our perceptions will change as well. … Continue reading Somewhere In The Middle

Asking Too Much

   Two posts in one day? Outrageous. YET TRUE! So I got a funny letter in the mail the other day from my collegiate alma mater. Now, I have never been close with either my high school or the colleges I attended. I stayed away from the high school because I didn’t enjoy my time… Continue reading Asking Too Much

Knowing When to Say When

I think one of the harder things to do not just as an arty person but as a person in general is to know to say 'when' and to back away from a project. Most of us hate to admit defeat and we hate the idea that something can get the better of us but… Continue reading Knowing When to Say When

KIDNAPPED – review

   For some reason I am inherently drawn to movies that people say are ‘brutal’. Not the ones that are just gore for the sake of gore because that was done in the ‘80’s and then more realistically in the ‘90’s. I mean the movies that supposed screw with your head because they are so… Continue reading KIDNAPPED – review

Dangerous Arts

There is something that we tend to forget in our modern world of safe, mass consumptive art.  Our world of art for the masses.  We forget that art is dangerous.  That at its heart, art is barely restrained chaos.  Is a thing with teeth that, while usually tamed, can bite. I need to bring up… Continue reading Dangerous Arts

Handling the Business

I think it's safe for a writer to say that it's pretty much ALWAYS frustrating when you are trying to get your name and work out there.  It's not there is no 'easy' way because I think if you're willing to pursue a dream you get over the 'easy' aspect of it pretty quickly.  Easy… Continue reading Handling the Business