The Man Behind The Screams

The Man Behind The Screams As I write this the horror world is reeling from the loss of one of its modern legends – director Wes Craven. The loss of Mr. Craven is a bleak reminder that many of the great horror talents from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are entering their twilight years. I… Continue reading The Man Behind The Screams

Slow Rot – a story

I guess this is technically Flash Fiction, though I never tend to pay a whole lot of attention to that stuff as I write. This just so happens to be a very brief tale I wrote last night. I like the heck out of it. Strange to be back on a writing kick again with… Continue reading Slow Rot – a story

And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves

Sometimes it feels like I go around and around on a topic so many times, from so many angles, that I am living in a strange sort of time loop and am not really getting anywhere. But it’s not that I am not getting anywhere, people are the ones not getting anywhere. The people in… Continue reading And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves