It’s Here – IN ROOTS OF ASH Has Arrived In Roots of Ash has arrived - The roots of horror are deep.

IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

When I started writing the first stories that are at the hear of IN ROOTS OF ASH I was writing to tap into the mythos of the woods. I grew up in an area that had two wooded areas and we played in them all the time. We never were afraid but when we started… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

Broken Idols

If you’re asking me, I’d offer that it’s a fool that makes idols of people. We’re a fallible lot. We are mistakes tumbling through history trying to pick up enough good deeds along the way to outshine the trouble we cause or get into. People are a mess. Humans are the dumpster fires of the… Continue reading Broken Idols

In Roots Of Ash – coming in October

This year has been one with lots of writing and this book is the result of some of that writing. For many years I have been writing about the Sisters Six, six sisters who were tree in form but were indeed witches of the woods who offered to give someone one wish/desire...for a price. An… Continue reading In Roots Of Ash – coming in October


We have a tendency to see things one way. Good. Bad. That's it. It's a good thing or a bad thing. A person is a good person or a bad person. There is very little room for nuance. There is little room for reality. Good. Bad. The thing though is that we're both. I have… Continue reading Both