The Spooky Chris Podcast – Episode 58 – Not Hiring

In which I talk a lot about a bad job and finding the right one.

Warning Do Not Play – review

          As someone who has been watching foreign horror since I was a teenager I have come to see and appreciate the trends that each region has. With Asian horror you get many tales of revenge and emotion come to boil after death as well as the idea of extremes. It was strange that Asian… Continue reading Warning Do Not Play – review

Project Power – review

               To read the film geek room you’d think that ‘superhero movies’ are some great burden that has been holding film back. There are just so many of them. It’s all anyone makes. It’s all anyone talks about. Oh Lord Above, what about the OTHER movies? Whenever I read these screeds, I can’t decide whether… Continue reading Project Power – review

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane – review

               When we movie fans wax poetic about movies many of us long for the halcyon days of yore when films felt dangerous and directors were loose cannons. We talk about how great those movies were and how things have never been the same since. Well, ya know, maybe it’s not always such a bad… Continue reading The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane – review

The Clovehitch Killer – review

               The Clovehitch Killer is just the sort of sneaky good movie you need to clean the palette once in a while. I end up watching a LOT of movies these days and, as such, I watch a lot of mediocre to regrettable films. Films that seem to almost be made on accident by people… Continue reading The Clovehitch Killer – review

Mary – review

               Mary is a strange sort of film. It’s a lower tier horror effort in every sense but with a respectable cast. How did this happen? I mean, it HAPPENS, but it’s rare when it does and…why? It’s hard to believe that Gary Oldman was that desperate for work and Emily Mortimer and Jennifer Esposito… Continue reading Mary – review

The Quick and the Dead – review

In watching the 4K disc for Sam Raimi’s The Quick and the Dead I am reminded of when it came out and how excited I was. I have been a fan of Mr. Raimi’s films since I was a teenager and discovered the world of The Evil Dead with friends. His frenetic style and over… Continue reading The Quick and the Dead – review

We Summon The Darkness – review

WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS is a crafty little badger. As part of the modern ‘Satanic Panic’ and ‘1980’s’ resurgence we’ve seen in horror cinema it plays a fun little game with our expectations and biases going in and mostly manages to keep its ball of string together. The story for WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS follows… Continue reading We Summon The Darkness – review

Body at Brighton Rock – review

 Body at Brighton Rock is a strange little indie film. Presented in listings as a horror film, with an awkward poster that comes across as an awkward comedy and that’s sort of how the movie plays out.  A young woman working with the park ranger service takes someone shift to put signage along the walking… Continue reading Body at Brighton Rock – review

Weaving Worlds

When I first started writing the very first story in the MEEP SHEEP universe there was never meant to be anything more than one story about flying sheep and a princess searching for answers as to who she was. The idea was first about the Bumble Kitties, animals that were part kitty and part bumble… Continue reading Weaving Worlds