What we Love

I can't really tell you the day I decided I wanted to be a writer, or had to be a writer, or needed to be a writer, or whatever it is that compels us to do something. I can't tell you because I don't think there was a day, one day, where that dawned on… Continue reading What we Love

Where are the new Classics?

Of late I am reading, and reading terribly slowly, STARSHIP TROOPERS by Robert Heinlein. It's a fine book, pretty interesting but damn is it dry. Ack. I need to take a drink every five pages. Seriously. Reading the book though it occurs to me that I haven't read a sci-fi book that isn't before the… Continue reading Where are the new Classics?

Seen but Unheard

Ok, I wanted to add a bit to somethin' I said in an earlier blog about how everything should be seen, every story read, every story told, or something like that. Well, I don't change that, at all, but i do amend it in that, well, sometimes you can see why the stories are not… Continue reading Seen but Unheard

They – a story

Well, being that it is the eve of Valentine's, I thought I should try to do something special for my girlfriend, who has been through a lot with me in three years. I am not so great at a lot of things and even though it's debatable whether I get this whole writing thing or… Continue reading They – a story

Giving it Away

Now, I dunno if anyone prefers giving a gift, talent, skill, or art away as much as they like getting something for it. It isn't that there is greed as much as a sense of value to what you do AND the fact that you do have to eat, as romantic as it is to… Continue reading Giving it Away

Hid – story

Hid “Where are they – come on dammit, where did you put them?” “Ahh…so that’s what this is about? Them?” “Amy? Amy where are you? Are you here? Amy have you seen your brother? Dave? Dave? I swear, ever since he turned sixteen he’s never around. If he isn’t out in his car he’s in… Continue reading Hid – story

Without – a poem

This is part two of the duo, the dark side of the mirror, if you will. To every light there is a shadow. Something to keep in mind. Without There is no sense in siphoning water from an empty well. There is no light in an empty cave. A desert knows no hope. I laugh.… Continue reading Without – a poem

With – a poem

This is part of a duo, the companion piece to come later. I wrote essentially from two sides of the mirror, and this is one of the sides. With With you I am complete. I am - whole strong beautiful. In your eyes I see the glimmer of a secret heart I barely even know.… Continue reading With – a poem