Sacrifice – Halloween 2014 Story

The temperature had dropped as soon as the sun went down and the children were shivering as they crested Cross Hill. The hill was the unofficial half-way marker between the town of Yance and the deep woods that even the federal government had all but abandoned. As the twenty children reached the top of the… Continue reading Sacrifice – Halloween 2014 Story

The Trimming Of The 'Ween

It really bums me out how my generation has let Halloween become an adults only party that kids aren't invited to. We let them Trunk or Treat, or hit up a church for a 'harvest festival' but won't let them trick or treat. Those kids that do head out often find slim pickings in people… Continue reading The Trimming Of The 'Ween

Looking Back In Anger

Looking Back In Anger We humans and especially we Americans have a very bad habit of looking down our nose at everyone that isn’t us. We love to lecture, to harass, to harangue, and to tell people how wrong they are in their beliefs, upbringing, and the way they live their lives. We like to… Continue reading Looking Back In Anger