The Spooky Chris Podcast – Halloween 2021

In which I wax poetic about Halloween and such.

Are We Monsters – sample

There are several stories in ARE WE MONSTERS but I wanted to post a sample of one of them to give an idea of what you'll find inside. This excerpt is from a story called 'Fearful Thing' about a young woman's willingness to face something horrifying in order to seek its aid. Some things only… Continue reading Are We Monsters – sample

ARE WE MONSTERS – new book release!

It's strange to me to look at the desktop of my laptop and see the folders there for books I am 'working' on and to say to myself - 'oh hey, that's done now'. It's a great feeling, but a strange one. Especially since now I have to go through and get rid of the… Continue reading ARE WE MONSTERS – new book release!


HALLOWEEN KILLS – review             Now that this is finally out, and the fans are seething, and the pundits are posting their bile can we just take a moment to appreciate what Rob Zombie was able to do? He took a dead franchise and gave it life. It wasn’t the life we were expecting, and… Continue reading HALLOWEEN KILLS – review

Changing the Record

There is something painfully insidious about the banal ways we are homogenizing and corporatizing cities. Something sad that we are so desperate to erase the character of our cities, to make them the same in every way possible so that we feel some sort of safety and comfort that we could find in other ways.… Continue reading Changing the Record