Thoughts and Prayers – poem

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers And for your deep and heartfelt cares I think you for your loving god And your sad and knowing nod   I thank you for your status postings I thank you for your righteous boasting I want to thank you, oh so much For the virtual hand… Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers – poem

Creepy Peepy Outtakes, Oh My!

When putting together an upcoming author event with our horror group I had created the flier and image to be posted. I am super hard on my artistic ability though and scrapped it to do a photo instead. These are a few of the pics we didn't use. I took a bunch because it's fun… Continue reading Creepy Peepy Outtakes, Oh My!

Chair – a story

Short story that popped in my head last night. First draft. No spell check. Abandon hope... I was lost when I left the service. For six years of my life I had only known regimine. Discipline. Direction. I knew when to get up, when to go to bed, and I knew my schedule in between.… Continue reading Chair – a story

FLAW – a poem

I have challenged myself to write something new for the blog every week. Some small slice of something to keep the machinery greased. This would be an attempt at a poem, poetry not being a strong suit. It's a first draft, like most things I post on here, and so it will reflect that.  From… Continue reading FLAW – a poem

Broken Hearts

He is splayed out across the ground with his hands outstretched above his head. His eyes are closed and lips are open slightly. His body is twisted slightly, as if he is waiting for his wings to unfurl and his legs lay twisted in the other direction than his bodym ready for flight. My angel.… Continue reading Broken Hearts

DOORS – a story

I had been looking for the first door since I was ten, and watched my aunt walk through a black door in the field before her house. This was only a month after my uncle had killed himself. Auntie Kelly and Uncle Rowan had been inseparable and when his lifelong depression lead him to an… Continue reading DOORS – a story

Room For One More

In Hell, there is always room for one more. Always. Hell will take everyone - come one and come all. It is Heaven that is exclusive. Heaven as gated community, choosing only the best. Ah, but who are the best? Good question, no? That part is a sliding scale that pushes the boundaries out, and… Continue reading Room For One More