One of the sad tragedies of growing up is growing apart. Worse perhaps is that the growing happens in small increments, spreading like tiny spider cracks that crawl outward, outward, and outward until they reach the edges and fracture the friendship irreparably. There are moments that happen that crack that relationship more deeply, and some… Continue reading THE ONES WE LEAVE BEHIND

The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

When I said I would publish no more books I meant it. I still wrote, I still write, and that won't change. I am a writer. I write. Kinda goes together. But the notion of being one those people that has a library of their own books that don't sell doesn't appeal to me. I… Continue reading The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

Weaponized Apathy

We seem to find ourselves in a malaise these dark, late winter days. The boils that have lay festering on the American psyche have burst in recent years and have spread a silent rage and aching apathy. Too many years we have ignored rising issues and instead of talking about the issues we have hidden… Continue reading Weaponized Apathy