#SCREAMERS – found footage review

Found Footage Review - not the older sci-fi creeper. Are you old enough to remember the weird 'screamer' videos that were all the rage for a few months years back? This is around 2000 some time. Let me refresh your memory - the biggest one of them was seemingly a car ad. We see a… Continue reading #SCREAMERS – found footage review


Found Footage review. Oh man, a pseudo-doc that is a companion piece to a found footage movie. Oh SNAP! I am in. This is a really fun idea and way to expand this story and the world of VIDEO-X. Let's see what we have. MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND is presented as a documentary investigation into… Continue reading MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND – THE SEARCH FOR VIDEO-X – found footage review

BLACKWOOD EVIL- found footage review

Found Footage Review (well, technically a pseudo-doc). As I said in an earlier review, when done well, a pseudo-doc can be really impactful and powerful. The air of legitimacy it can bring in creating a small semblance of believability is fantastic. It can't be easy to pull off but, when it is, it's great. POUGHKEEPSIE… Continue reading BLACKWOOD EVIL- found footage review

THE BLACK WATER VAMPIRE – found footage review

Ooooh, a pseudo-documentary. I love those. It's such a great, efficient way to marry POV footage with an examination into that footage to give it context and framing. Doing the pseudo-doc thing though adds pressure to the film because it's a lot harder to create that sort of believability as opposed to just putting a… Continue reading THE BLACK WATER VAMPIRE – found footage review

UNKNOWN VISITOR – found footage review

Found Footage movie review Oh, man, security cameras are a boon for found footage films. As well as helping protect our homes from invaders and bigfeets they also provide a great vehicle for found footage movies. So many times we scream out why are you still filming during movies when any sane or normal person… Continue reading UNKNOWN VISITOR – found footage review

BAD KITTIES – found footage review

File Under - No, this isn't for real life. This is a movie. There ya go. OK, confession, this is not a movie about kitties. I know that may be a disappointment but, well, I feel like I need to be honest, here. I mean, there's like, a cat in the movie, but this isn't… Continue reading BAD KITTIES – found footage review

FOUND FOOTAGE – found footage review

A Found Footage film review. Oh, goody, a slashy-slashy found footage film to review. We've seen a few of these since the release of MAN BITES DOG and while they are all pretty disturbing in their way - how are they not disturbing when it's a POV movie about someone torturing and killing people, eh?… Continue reading FOUND FOOTAGE – found footage review

SHE WALKS THE WOODS – found footage review

FOUND FOOTAGE SIGN! I guess I never knew there were so many Manly Man Nature shows out there, which, if you trust found footage movies, they're all over the place out there. Maybe they are, out there on YouTube and streaming platforms hoping to get picked up and big. Maybe. I dunno. There's plenty of… Continue reading SHE WALKS THE WOODS – found footage review

ATTACHED: PARANORMAL – found footage review

Having made a couple movies with essentially no budget - the budget for the first one was the cost of the camera and that stuff, and any loose odds and ends. It wasn't really a budget. I used a friend's kids for actors, and their friends, and then some friends of friends and we did… Continue reading ATTACHED: PARANORMAL – found footage review


Can I tell you how weird it is to have a new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE hit and I don't feel any buzz about it? Now, I get it, it's not the newest, hottest property, but it's still a legendary series with five legit fun/good entries into it. I know a lot of people hate the… Continue reading TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – 2022 – review

VIDEO X – THE DWAYNE AND DARLA JEAN STORY – found footage review

File Under - No, this isn't for real life. This is a movie. There ya go. So here's me the other day, uncertain what to watch and figuring that I'll browse the horror offerings on Tubi. I have watched stuff on there a few times but have never really dug deep into the library. Yikes.… Continue reading VIDEO X – THE DWAYNE AND DARLA JEAN STORY – found footage review

LAST RADIO CALL – found footage review

Have I mentioned that I really love the faux-doc style of found footage? I did, right Right? Sure. Sure I did. I really love them. For me it is a better framing device because 1. we are used to the glut of 'true crime' documentaries that are out there and 2. it answers the WHO… Continue reading LAST RADIO CALL – found footage review

AFTER THE SIGHTINGS – found footage review

Do you remember the weird clown sightings that happened a few years ago? You know, some weird kids dressed as clowns and stood around and acted weird, then other people did it, and as more folks did it they began to take it a little too far. Remember that? Something sorta funny but more surprising… Continue reading AFTER THE SIGHTINGS – found footage review