The Spooky Chris Podcast – Help Not Wanted

In which I talk about how unhelpful job listings are.

FADE TO BLACK – movie review

You know, as a geek, there something that’s a bit irresistible when it comes to gazing deep into our bellybuttons and staring at our fandom in the mirror. It’s interesting then that so often movies about fandom leans more towards the dark as fandom can be pretty gross and caustic. Fans are not always the… Continue reading FADE TO BLACK – movie review

Fixing the Past – blog

Ya know, as a self-published author I can't say I haven't dipped into the pool of revisionist history, though I never got deeper than my ankles. I wanted to fix things, to clean things up, but as much as I have wanted to do more, I haven't. It's dangerous business, taking that time machine into… Continue reading Fixing the Past – blog

The Boos of Summer Are Here!

Summer is the perfect time for a good chill. Check out one of these books when you're looking for a case of the creeps. All books are available on -