That Novel Affair

Sometimes I still have to stop and blink my eyes a few times to realize that I have put novels out. When I first started writing I didn’t have an interest in writing novels. My ideas were to write short stories that were like punches to the face or stomach. Something that made an impact… Continue reading That Novel Affair

ROAD MAP – a story

So this is where they put in those trigger warnings, right? OK. This is a story about cutting. If that's not a topic you want to read about then please turn away now. Otherwise, this is Road Map. This, like all my stories on here, is a first draft. Accept it as such.  ROAD MAP… Continue reading ROAD MAP – a story

Picking the Bones Clean

When it comes to cities like Flint the phrase 'ruin porn' gets tossed around, the notion that people take delight in the ruination of people in cities. While I do think that there are people, a lot of people - too many people - that take pleasure in seeing some peole and places fail, I… Continue reading Picking the Bones Clean

A Girl In A Coffin – a poem

I was selling my wordy wares at an event some friends and I cooked up this past weekend and during the day I wrote this creepy little missive to underwater love.  A Girl In A Coffin A girl in a coffin Lives in the bay Though no tongue she still has Much she can say.… Continue reading A Girl In A Coffin – a poem

Bunni – a story

Bunni didn’t like her name, though that seemed fair because her family didn’t like that she told everyone that listened she was a girl.  Bunni wasn’t born a girl but she was fourteen now and she figured she knew better than them, didn’t she? Yes, she did.  Mom and dad had been living with Bunni, who her parents… Continue reading Bunni – a story