The Spooky Chris Podcast – Fundrazors

The weird world of fundraising for fun and profit.

I’m Honored – blog

I have been writing seriously since I was a teenager. I had my first book published in 1999. In all those years I have had a few articles written about me, I had a few folks notice what I did, and I have carved out my small little space in the world doing what I… Continue reading I’m Honored – blog

What If It Wasn’t About You?

There’s a thing about we humans, we modern beasts of blood and clay, where we often, so often, forget that it isn’t about us. This world and the people in it are not here for our amusement, for our enlightenment, or our acceptance and understanding. We forget that we may have come to the party… Continue reading What If It Wasn’t About You?

THE ARRIVAL – movie review

            Do you ever remember things differently than maybe they happened? I mean, we all do it, right? With friendships. With love. With our heroic adventures where we’re the star. We all do it, exaggerating or blurring reality or not quite seeing a thing for how it was. I have that happen to me all… Continue reading THE ARRIVAL – movie review