Analog Heart – a poem

I haven't tried to write a poem in YEARS but was inspired to try my hand at one. I post this without editing, straight from the cooker. Not sure what I feel but I DO feel this so that's a start. Analog HeartThump. Thump. Thump. Goes my analog heart as the world moves digitally on. My… Continue reading Analog Heart – a poem

Remember The Days

This is a blog I have meant to write for a couple weeks now but life tends to get under your wheels sometimes and pushes you the way it wants you to go thus, the lateness of this missive. Now, I am the only one who really CARES that it’s late but still, it irks… Continue reading Remember The Days

The Lady In The Past

This is a new story that was inspired by the desire to do a short, nasty little thing that turned into this, a longer, creepy thing. I REALLY like it. I hope you do to. Fair warning - this is one pass with no edit - so if there are issues they'll be fixed some… Continue reading The Lady In The Past