Just For a Day

I am not a fan of pumping myself up because it just isn't pretty or healthy and when I do it I try to keep it to the books and that stuff just because I need to get more people to take me and my writing and art seriously and accolades help with that. But,… Continue reading Just For a Day

A Kreep Sheep teaser…

Here is a small little slice of a story from The Kreep Sheep entitled 'The Festivals'. This is a rougher form of the story, it has since been edited but you get a feel for things. The Kreep Sheep will be released in May. - The Great Loof smiled and held the Winter Globe up… Continue reading A Kreep Sheep teaser…

The Road Ahead

It isn't easy being a prognosticator. You stand on the edge of a fog shrouded precipice and try to guess whether or not there's a place to step just within the gloom. You try to look into the future based on the present and decide what comes next, and it isn't any fun. Alas, in… Continue reading The Road Ahead

Motorcity Nightmares 2011, The Con That Was

Phew, another Monday and another convention over. And it’s weird, when you are late in the day Sunday you are dying for it to be over, wanting to get a full night of sleep, to get some food in you, and to get back home to relax but when it’s over you miss it. You… Continue reading Motorcity Nightmares 2011, The Con That Was

And…Nope, I Got Nothin’

Hey kids, just a quick update. I finished the editing on THE KREEP SHEEP, which you knew. I painted four new paintings, and that was fun. Wish I had more time to work on painting but I am deadline bound. Next up I need to write a disaster story, which I started and need to… Continue reading And…Nope, I Got Nothin’

Something Kreeps Over the Horizon

Well, last night was a pretty important night in the life of the new book - it was the last day of editing on The Kreep Sheep, which means that the hard stuff is done. Well, not really, it just means the editing is done. I am pretty stoked. I set deadlines for myself as… Continue reading Something Kreeps Over the Horizon

Something Awesome, This Way Comes…

So, I have said before that I have been doing conventions for ages, well, my first, the first that I did as a guest, was in 1994 and I have been going pretty steady since then. I fell in love with conventions when I was a teenager and went to the two Weekend of Horrors… Continue reading Something Awesome, This Way Comes…