The Vanishing on 7th St. – review

   I shall leave this as a short little review as the movie served only to frustrate me terribly. It’s awfully annoying to find a movie with a good idea, talent, and the tools to make a good film only to have them all squandered.    When a mysterious blackout makes people all over Detroit… Continue reading The Vanishing on 7th St. – review


   With the smaller indie horror films few things make me happier than a movie that knows its limitations. I have griped about this time and again but it never gets old with me – if you can’t afford to do something in your movie then just don’t do it. Don’t try to do something… Continue reading Dawning–review

Ninjas vs. Vampires–movie review

   You know what, there are movies that I get to review that are hard to take seriously. Too often they are poorly made, have little imagination, and are often just space filler at video stores. I offer this though, NvsV is a rare exception that while not a movie I’d go out looking for… Continue reading Ninjas vs. Vampires–movie review

The Anniversary at Shallow Creek–movie review

The Anniversary At Shallow Creek The problem with trends in horror is that, well, they become trends. It isn’t always a bad thing as it happens with every aspect of the entertainment industry – you produce what sells. The hope you have as a consumer is that the work produced is good. Or at least… Continue reading The Anniversary at Shallow Creek–movie review

Zombie Girl–The Movie –movie review

It is interesting that in the many, many years I have been blogging I have never really gotten into the days of my youth when my friends and I would make movies. We were late in our teens, bored, and loved movies. Ours were impromptu, ad-lib things that were high on ideas passion and low… Continue reading Zombie Girl–The Movie –movie review

Your Taste’s Funny

   Ya know, one of those things in life that people just can’t take from you, as much as they may try, is your taste. It’s all you baby and the world is better for it. The thing about life, about humans, is that it’s the things that make us different that make us so… Continue reading Your Taste’s Funny