Keep Believing – In defense of small conventions

Keep Believing Sometimes we need to fight. Not out of anger, or against some grand enemy but for what we are passionate about. We need to fight because sometimes we’re the only one that will and because if it’s our passion and our dream it’s worth fighting for. Too often we hit road blocks, drop… Continue reading Keep Believing – In defense of small conventions

Pulling Down The Tents

Pulling Down The Tents The thing you never think about when you do your little dreaming is – what happens if you get to live that dream? What then? Good question. Though first, let’s take a moment and appreciate the dreams when we can live them. It’s not all the time, unless you have very… Continue reading Pulling Down The Tents

Building Change

Cities like Flint are struggling. Cities built to support one or two industries which leave, cities built to support and reflect a moment, and cities built by individuals not groups. And when those industries left so did the people and so did the city and all that remained were ghosts, excuses, and blame. Luckily, the… Continue reading Building Change

FIRST FROST – 2014 Holiday Story

Every year I try, try, try to write a story that fits the holidays. I try to write a Halloween story and try to write a Christmas story. The follow is the 2014 Holiday Story. It's set in the world of CEMETERY EARTH but it works on it's own. It's very brief but I like… Continue reading FIRST FROST – 2014 Holiday Story