Expecting Better

I think it's become pretty clear by now that I have a really broad interest in horror. Good, bad, and horrible, I like it all. For me, it's all about whether I have fun with what I am watching or not. It's about whether what the people were trying to do and did do allow… Continue reading Expecting Better

It's a Perfect Time for a Good Scare

Looking for some great new stories? Check out the Masters of Macabre contest, give the stories a spin, and see which you like best. http://mastersofmacabre.wordpress.com/ The best part is that YOU get to pick the best story. Awesome. Check out the link and the great stories. c

New Fiction Coming Your Way

Not only do I have a new book out -Noches De Corazones Negros but I also have a new story going online on Thursday, September 15th on Horroraddicts.net The story is part of their Masters of Macabre contest and the audience chooses which story they like best. I think mine is a pretty fun tale.… Continue reading New Fiction Coming Your Way

Movie Shorts

Darn these movie shorts are riding up on me. Shark Night Good, ridiculous fun that is utterly brainless and knows it. Great crowd movie. Makes me feel like an 'uncut' version is waiting in the wings to be released on video. Hmm. Make sure to watch after the credits. WOW! 6.5 out of 10  … Continue reading Movie Shorts

Chasing The Dream

Dreams are tricky little thin. It isn't that they are slick, or slippery so much as they are like the air around us - we cannot see them but without them we die. Sure, the death of a dream won't necessarily kill us, not the day to day us, but it kills a vital part… Continue reading Chasing The Dream