Raising the Dead

I have a crazy idea. Now, as with all crazy ideas I can’t really affect this or foster it. I am the idea man, and that’s it. Sorry. I wish I could do more. But I think it’s an idea that’s worth putting out there.I am a horror fan, duh. Look at the books I… Continue reading Raising the Dead

Red Dreams – book of terror

When putting RED DREAMS together I wanted to set a tone and it began with the books cover. I wanted stories that would get under people’s skin and bother them. The stories in this book are born of blood and meant to infect you with darkness and to give you very dark, very red dreams.… Continue reading Red Dreams – book of terror


Recently I happened on a Twitter feed through a friend that purports to post horrific things. Eh, it comes and it goes. The feed is pretty lame but while digging through old tweets I did happen upon a few urban legends that they had posted. None were real, and most had 'tells' that gave them… Continue reading CHARLES BILKWATER – a story


Once upon a time I was a young guy making ‘zines with my friends. We didn’t know what we wanted to do with our lives we just knew we loved movies and weird stuff and hanging out together. It was during this time that I wrote a weird little short story called Night’s Dancer about… Continue reading My First Novel – A SHADOW OVER EVER

This Beautiful Darkness

When I published my first book BACK FROM NOTHING I didn’t know whether or not there would BE a second book, let alone any other ones. After ten years of working on new stories and books and looking for a publisher I learned that self publishing had come a LONG way since people started talking… Continue reading This Beautiful Darkness

The Meep Sheep

Several years ago I thought up something utterly silly and ridiculous. It was a small flying kitty with bumble bee wings. The bumblekitty lead to the thought of little flying sheep with wings. And slowly, slowly the world of THE MEEP SHEEP was born. I have always loved fairy tales and particularly loved the darker… Continue reading The Meep Sheep


With the ending of each year I think it’s healthy to go back and look at what the year meant to you. You try to honor the good, learn from or get over the bad, and the rest you sort of see where it fits into the bigger picture of your life. Since most folks… Continue reading 2013

Dancing Goodbye

The odds are that we will never get a chance to properly say goodbye. If we are lucky, and we live long enough we can hope, hope, hope that we get a chance to say the things that we always meant to say. Say the things we should say. And will get a chance to… Continue reading Dancing Goodbye