CROPSEY–movie review

   It is a delicate bit of balancing that comes with making a documentary film. You have to serve the truth, the story, and the audience and all of it at once. As exciting as the truth is it is exciting often because of its subtlety, because of its delicacy, two things that films often… Continue reading CROPSEY–movie review

Saving Flint Through Art

As a resident of downtown Flint for over five years now and I am always curious when I hear about ways to fix, save, or enliven Flint. Especially when it involves the arts. Now, I live downtown, the area of the city that is getting the most attention right now, for good or ill. To… Continue reading Saving Flint Through Art

Motorcity Comic Con 2011

Well, I can tell you with all honesty that this wasn't the beginning I had hoped to have for my sorta-book-and-art tour but, well, there was still fun to be had this weekend. Comic Con is always a bit of a mixed bag for me as it's great to see old friends, meet some new… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2011

Dr. Hullabaloo's Caravan of Kreeps Book and Art Tour is GO!

Hey kids, as of this weekend I am starting on my official/unofficial book and art tour. This is in support of The Kreep Sheep and I will have all my books, some of my art, and all of my awesome on hand at each date. This weekend I will be in Novi, MI all weekend… Continue reading Dr. Hullabaloo's Caravan of Kreeps Book and Art Tour is GO!

Presenting THE KREEP SHEEP – a grim fairy tale

In every land, to every story, there is a beginning and even in a world of magic and hope there is a past, there is a shadow, and there is a story as to how the world came to be. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Man in a time before there were Meep Sheep,… Continue reading Presenting THE KREEP SHEEP – a grim fairy tale

Of Punks and Rummaging

When we first came up with the notion of doing the Punk Rock Rummage Sale here in Flint there was a big question of - will anyone care? We had been doing indie art shows, my friends and I, in Flint for several years by then but had never done something that was about buying more… Continue reading Of Punks and Rummaging