Dashcam – found footage review

REVIEW! Hey you, it’s a review.  I don’t rhyme often, until I do.  That totally ties into this movie and this review.  I SWEAR IT! Anyway.  There are movies that are sit down, think about, contemplate, and question your life movies. Those are great. They are amazing. They open your mind to the world around… Continue reading Dashcam – found footage review

GODFORSAKEN – Found Footage Review

One of the great sins I am finding with a lot of found footage films is the idea of creating so much of a tease that there’s no real way to pay it off. They are so desperate to make the movie exciting and interesting and scary that they don’t really think of how they’re… Continue reading GODFORSAKEN – Found Footage Review

FOLLOWERS – found footage review         

If there is something ripe for capturing when it comes to found footage it’s the prevalence of influencers and social media celebrities and how they film everything they do. I think most of us roll our eyes when we see the word Influencer but, like it or not, these are the people that are creating… Continue reading FOLLOWERS – found footage review         

FIRESTARTER (2022) – review

Firestarter is not one of the books most King readers point to as their favorite book of his. It’s also not one of the books that, upon mention, people moan over and gnash their teeth about. For me, I have always loved the book. Seen 100 yards away, it’s interesting that his early work featured… Continue reading FIRESTARTER (2022) – review

The Widow – review

           Oh, you wily little movie, you. You almost had me. Well, OK, let’s be honest, you did have me. I went into this film thinking it was Found Footage. I was on my endless trek through the wonders of the found footage subgenre and happened on this import. It was dubbed, but that was… Continue reading The Widow – review

THEY’RE OUTSIDE – found footage movie review

          One of the offshoots I have come to love of the found footage/faux-umentary subgenre are the ones that deal with urban myths and folktales and the like. There’s something eerie about the ones that are done right because it taps into a collective fear of dark places and whispered histories. We all know those… Continue reading THEY’RE OUTSIDE – found footage movie review

DEAD VOICES – found footage movie review

          The hardest thing with so many of these found footage movies I am realizing is that, as sincere and well intentioned as many of these films may well be, that’s just not enough to make them ‘good’ movies. And by good here I mean successful. GOOD is a relative term. I love PLENTY of… Continue reading DEAD VOICES – found footage movie review

CASE 347 – found footage review

           With as many found footage films – and faux-umentaries (as this stands between the two forms) – there just don’t seem to be that many about aliens. I mean, there are some, but they don’t tend to be good. PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is the best of the lot, giving characters you become attached to so… Continue reading CASE 347 – found footage review

SHADOW OF THE MISSING – found footage movie review

          Oh hey, look it’s a faux-umentary, or a ‘mockumentary’, as the cool kids call them. I don’t call them that, but I was never considered cool. Well, other than mom. Mom thought I was pretty cool. I think. ANYWAY… As I have said before, I love faux-umentary films. When done right, it pairs the… Continue reading SHADOW OF THE MISSING – found footage movie review


           Can I just say that this is the dumbest name for this movie? I feel like somewhere along the line it had a better name but, to dumb it down for world/American audiences it was changed to just…tell you what it’s about. Yes, this is about a hole that is SUPER DEEP but geez,… Continue reading THE SUPERDEEP – review

DWELLERS – review    

Found Footage Review            If you have read any of my recent reviews of found footage films, you’ll see that I do my level best to be as fair as possible to these films Despite what some critics and film wonks may have you believe, every movie that comes out or came out in the… Continue reading DWELLERS – review    


Found-ish Footage Review Can I tell ya that we are in a weird time when a movie from a successful horror franchise just sorta pops onto a seconday streaming service and outside of the hadcore genre press doesn't get much notice at all. Super weird. Not surprising when this is a reboot of a modern… Continue reading PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – NEXT OF KIN – review


Found Footage Review I am just gonna say it now, it's super weird watching/reviewing a Russian film right now but the thing I need to remember, that we ALL need to remember, is that the people of a nation don't always reflect the idiots in charge. So, here we go. This is one of those… Continue reading THE LAND OF BLUE LAKES – review