Letting It Sink In


Whenever I start a project, writing, or movie, or art, or whatever, I am immediately in love. It’s the rosy red fury of infatuation and the more I work on it the deeper I fall. It’s only when I step back to look at the landscape more clearly that I start to waiver.

I start to ask –

Is this even any good?

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The Wonders Of The World

It’s been a very dark and enlightening life, these past seven months. Since losing my job last year I have struggled to keep my head up. There’s a point where you are applying for so many jobs that you never hear from that you wonder if any of it matters at all.

I kept at it but then when the interviews lead to nothing things only get more frustrating.

It’s as if all the other jobs you have had, work you have done, and skills and knowledge you accrued are meaningless unless you fit a narrow mold of what a workplace wants. Then you start to see what some of these places want and it’s crazy.

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