Trash – a poem

The story. Of a family. Left by the side of the road. An inheritance of bags, of boxes, of the detritus of our lives. The pictures faded. The Bible torn. The memories rummaged through and scattered. A brand-new stuffed bear covered in rain and mud. The story. Of a family. Left by the side of… Continue reading Trash – a poem


With the release of the new book I thought I would share the opening. While it doesn't give you the full view of the strange world you will be entering it does give you an idea of where things get rolling. Things would be different if I were in charge. I assure you. And yes,… Continue reading RELIQUARY IN BLACK – sample

A Spooky Reading

Herein I am reading a summer '20 story I wrote for a Flint Horror Collective online storytelling event. The story is called TOUCH. If you dig it, check out my little online bookstore and pick something up.

Man-Made-Meats – a tale

Consider this a golden oldie. I wrote this for a website I had a long, long, long time ago. Just me being weird. It has never made it into a book. Perhaps it will some day. It's just so darned weird. It was slated for an abandoned collection but maybe that collection shall rise again… Continue reading Man-Made-Meats – a tale

Alternate ROAD KILL beginning

I have said before that ROAD KILL started out as a long form story when I was a kid and have talked about my obsession with re-writing it after it was lost. Flash ahead a couple decades and I finally get back to writing it again and I started and stopped several times as I… Continue reading Alternate ROAD KILL beginning

The Monsters Are Coming

So, because my mind is a bit shark-like I am always thinking on the next thing I wanna work on. Book. Story. Movie. Promo. Event. I am always thinking about it and turning it over in my mind like a Worry Stone. For 2020 I still have two books planned for release - a kid's… Continue reading The Monsters Are Coming

We Watch

this is a rough work. We Wait As time goes by our numbers only grow and we wait. We wait for the day we can be at rest knowing it may never come.We wait.For Providence, Sanity, and Hope.We wait for the Impossible Trinity like childrenwaiting for their prize. We watch them scurry like insects out… Continue reading We Watch

Red Magic – a story

Red Magic  When I was kid I believed in magic. I believed in fairies, Santa, and ghosts, and the Bigfoot, and all of that. I believed that ours was a world of magic that hid just out of sight and away from adult eyes. Hiding where those pure of heart could find it when they… Continue reading Red Magic – a story

Shooting Stars – a story

This is a first draft. Please judge it as such. Mom told me that shooting stars were just falling angels wasting wishes from heaven. She said - wish on that falling angel honey, and maybe it’s wish will become yours. I wasn’t sure I believed it but I did as she told me to and… Continue reading Shooting Stars – a story

Still Born – a poem

I don't tend to write poetry because I don't write it well but this sprang forth and here it is. Like everything else, I was stillborn.  Life fading like the last light of the day.  Eyes closing.  Mouth opening.  Fist unfurling as a flag with no fight.  I would enter darkness as a small bang. … Continue reading Still Born – a poem

Marilyn and the Scary Movie

In honor of my mom's birthday I wrote this for her. Marilyn and the Scary Movie   “Oh, for cryin’ in the sink!” Marily declared as she took her hand away from her head and then watched as each of the five curlers she’d just put in her hair came free and fell from her head.… Continue reading Marilyn and the Scary Movie