Flint Monster Society

Welcome to the Society!

Who We Are? – The Flint Monster Society’s mission is to bring a little more affordable weirdness to the Flint and Mid-Michigan area so keep your peepers peeled for what we’re up to. We’re cheap and weird and that’s how we like it!

Who Started This Thing? – Hey, my name is Chris, a writer, podcaster, filmmaker, and weirdo living in Mid-Michigan. I have been putting together horror conventions, film festivals, and events in and around Flint, Michigan for over a decade. I started the Flint Monster Society as an outlet to do weird, cheap-as-free horror events here in Flint and hope you’ll come check out what we’re doing.

If you have any questions. or ideas, or cryptid sightings to report just shoot the FMS an email – flintmonstersociety@gmail.com

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This page is where I will post all of the upcoming events and neat things the Flint Monster Society is up to. Keep coming back to keep up to date.

As of this moment, there are no plans for further events.


May 27th will be the date of Harlston Creepley’s ESOTERIC EXHIBITION, an art show of the macabre and bizarre. This is a free event with light refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks and maybe some other creepy surprises.

Dress to depress and come to creep.

It’ll be a thing.


Saturday, May 27

5PM – 9PM

Flint Local 432 – 124 W 1st St., Flint, MI



Thanks for an awesome Swamp Meet. It was fantastic to see so many folks come through!

The Sinister Swamp Meet

Come out and wander the aisles and check out the weird wares as ghouls bring their used horror goods to sell or trade. It’s gonna be a chillingly good time.

March 26, 2023

Flint Local 432

10AM – 4PM

Free to attend.


For more information, go to the event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/848594139681010

FREE to Attend.

FREE street parking.

Weirdo fun with weirdo folks!

Flint Short Film Freakout

What an amazing event. We had a great time watching this year’s films from around the world and it was a huge honor to be able to showcase so much talent and passion.

Saturday, November 12, 2022 @ the Flint Local 432

A FREE film festival featuring films from around the world!

FREE Event – Join creepy vendors for a day of weird wares.

That was fun! Thanks everyone! We had a blast meeting so many new folks and bringing a little bit of weird to your Sunday. BIG thanks to Flint Local 432 and their awesome staff!

Flint Local 432 – 124 W. First St., Flint, MI, 48503

Sunday, July 17th, 10AM – 4PM

Let Flint’s Bigfoot tell you all about it!

VENDORS for the

Macabre Matinee!

Paul Counelis

Paul Counelis is the author of 50+ books, ranging from horror fiction for adults to spooky and coming of age stories for kids, middle grade, and YA readers as well as non-fiction movie and pop culture essay books, including “We Dare the Night to Condescend” and “Marshall’s Gully”.

He is the editor-in-chief of Halloween Machine, a seasonal magazine focusing on Halloween.

As Uncle Salem, he is the lead howler of horror metalpunks Lords Of October (LordsofOctober.com ). His newest book is a dark collection of horror poems called “Whispered After Nightfall” with co-author Glen Birdsall.

He has chilled with John Carpenter, sang a song to Nancy Loomis, and is nWo for life.

Chris Ringler

Chris Ringler is an author, podcast, filmmaker, reviewer, and ne’er-do-well living in Flint, Michigan. He is the author of over twenty books ranging from horror, dark fiction, fantasy, fiction, and children’s books. Chris has made two short films, which he wrote and helped score. He has appeared in Bare Bone, Cthulhu Sex, Halloween Machine, and received Honorable Mention in two editions of The Year’s Best Fantsy & Horror. 

Find more about him at www.spookychris.com 

Freeport Mercantile

Zophael Ray is an artist, seamstress, and art instructor currently based in Flint, Michigan. She is also the current president of the Swartz Creek Area Art gallery and can be found volunteering time for art projects around Genesee County. Recently she completed instructing a series of cosplay classes for MSU’s 4-H program. Zophael gets her inspiration from monsters, music, books, and everything dark and spooky.

Atomic Swan Films

Atomic Swan Films is a Flint production company that will be turning 12 Years Old this year. It was founded by the late, great Charles Shaver and it is currently helmed by Tyler Zickafoose. Come check out our bizarre wares such as the cult classic films Killer Raccoon Fish in 3D and our much beloved $1 Atomic Swan Mystery Eggs in which you never know what you will get. Hope to see you folks here

Roxa Tano

 I make coffin shaped wallets and tote bags, embroidery horror keychains, embroidery bookmarks, crystal grids and pendulum boards.

Paradox Artist Collective

The website is paradoxartistco.com

Instagram @paradoxartistco

Facebook – Paradox Artist Collective

Blackcat Wax Melts

Bringing creepy-cool wax melts inspired by your best nightmares.

Lexie Love

Taxidermy fun.

Martha Allard

Books and handmade crafty art.