The places that I go…

This is a totally random amalgamation of images of the places around where I live and of a painting I did last week. There’s no real meaning other than I was out and about and taking pictures of things that intrigued me. That’s the fun of being a hobby photographer – I don’t have to worry about the pretensions of But Is It Art?

Meh, who cares?

Art happens, as I have heard it said. It isn’t for me to tell you or anyone else what is or is not art and so I just take pictures of things that interest me. I have bigger ideas than just images of still objects but for now, this is attainable. I am hoping to work with ‘models’, which is to say suckers I know that have the patience to let me photograph them, sooner or later, but until them, I have me and I have the areas around me. I think it’s interesting how much art can happen, can be created via technology (Photoshop manipulation and editing software), and how all of it is always there, just waiting to be caught or interpreted. How many people shot the same places Ansel Adams did before he came around and made those places come alive? For me, photography, and painting, are just outcroppings of the same creativity that drives me to write. It all serves the same end, to me. It’s all about telling stories and whatever I shoot, write, or paint, it’s all my interpretation of an idea I had. It never comes out exactly as I saw it, or dreamt it, but it’s real and valid because it was made with my passion.

I think we all need to focus more on our own passions and less on the passions, or lack of passions of others. If you ask me.

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